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When filling out our form to receive a quote please use as much detail as possible in the message box. Remember to include information such as:
  • Turn-Key / Consigned Material / Partial Turnkey
  • RoHS Processing
  • Multiple Price Breaks
  • Assembly Turn-Around Time
  • Best Price or Stock Search

Special Note*: To ensure speed and accuracy upon delivery of quote please provide OSDA with a Bill of Materials in Excel format that consists of the following:
  • Customer Part Numbers / Reference Designators / Quantities / Manufacturer Name / Manufacturer Part Number / Description of Component. Please separate all categories in their own respective columns.
  • Board Package Folder Containing: Gerber Files / Cad File / Assembly Draw and Fabrication Drawings in PDF Format

Quote Requirements for Turnkey / Consigned: This is the major cause in slowing you order. If you have any questions or need help call us at 203-878-2155 ext. 107 or send us an email at
  • BOM – Is the primary source for any conflicting information, in excel format
  • Formats accepted – .xls, .xlsx, csv or tab-delimited text
  • Revision – Very Important so we know we are building what we quote:
    1. Board Level and Assembly Level
    2. Quantity
    3. Part Number – If part number is not available, we will use the manufacturer’s number.
    4. Manufactures Part Number.
    5. Manufacturer Name.
    6. Description (Package Size, Tolerance, Voltage, etc.)
    7. Highlight any Do Not Populate in red.
    8. BOM must include: Manufacturer’s Part #, Manufacture’s Name, Reference Designator, Description, and footprint (package).

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