Historic Builds Timeline

When OSDA was founded in 1987 it was designed to support the need for rapid turn-around services for prototype needs of technology firms. This premise led the way for some remarkable opportunities to manufacture pioneering technologies throughout the past three decades.  

Hunters Salvage

1995: OSDA is contracted to assemble miniature circuit boards that once inserted into arrows would enable them to be traced by GPS, this allowed hunters to find fired arrows and save both time and money on what would be lost ammunition.

Crystal Clear

1998: OSDA began work on the sophisticated electronic assemblies that helped power the world’s first plasma screen TV. The developing company, Plasmaco, contracted OSDA to keep to a tight schedule of constant design changes, technical expertise, and the ability to produce working prototypes quickly. Plasmaco’s project led to a revolutionary technology in the television marketplace.

Reverse Engineering the Universe

1999: Brookhaven Laboratories, is an affiliate to CERN who led the campaign in constructing the world’s largest accelerometer. This project was established to uncover the fundamental structure of our Universe. Brookhaven sought out expert guidance and manufacturing in OSDA’s services. With our collaboration, Brookhaven was able to place printed circuit boards along a 16.7 mile track of superconducting magnets in an effort to straighten the particles along their path before smashing into each other at 99.9999% the speed of light! These are just a few of a long list of innovative companies that over the past 30 years OSDA has been able to help bring their dreams into reality. As technology has transformed and improved, so has OSDA, and we are very proud of that! If OSDA sounds like the place you can bring your dreams to realty then give us a call at 203-878-2155 Ext. 107 or email at osdaproto@osdacom. We look forward to hearing from you.

More About OSDA

Our Innovative Process

  • Assembled PCB’s placed into arrow’s that were fired, tracking their path’s by GPS.
  • OSDA aided in the development of the first plasma screen television.
  • Partnered with CERN to align particles into a guided path to create sub-atomic collisions.